The  company was founded by highly qualified specialists for distribution of test and measurement equipment, control equipment, electronic components of famous world manufacturers. The stuffs experience makes possible to provide effectively any technical and information assistance for choosing of necessary test and measuring equipment, system of automatics, electronic components.

Our company has own service center equipped of actual test, diagnostic and soldering equipment. The work places furnished in compliance with requests for such specialization.  The staffs of center have required qualification, received trainings for repairing and servicing of measuring equipment. Our service center provide warranty and post-warranty service.
There are more than 3 items of printing products publishing every year: catalogues, brochures, booklets, leaflets, CDs. The CD and catalogue with short and detailed characteristics of measurement instrument you can get in our office, at exhibition for free.
The company is exclusive distributor of the following famous TMs: LAVERSAB, COBHAM/AEROFLEX, OVTECH, Fulling Motor,  Institut Dr. Foerster, KONTAKT CHEMIE, official distributor of FLUKE, GS Instrument, AKTAKOM. We make direct supplies for GW INSTEK, Solomon, SUNON products.  ELKOS LTD is regional representative of TME.
  Test and Measurement Equipment
·         Logical analyzers
·         Spectrum analyzers
·         Network analyzers
·         Voltmeters
·         Signal generators
·         Standing-wave indicator
·         Power meters
·         Field Strength Analyzers
·         Light meters
·         Humidity meters
·         Thermometers
·         Sound-level meters
·         Distance meters
·         Anemometers
·         Tachometers
·         Измерители параметров электрических сетей
·         Измерители разности фаз Измерители сопротивления
·         RLC Meters
·         Измерители магнитного поля
·         Power supplies
·         Calibrators
·         Clamp meters
·         Multimeters
·         Electronic loads
·         Oscilloscopes
·         Frequency meters
·         Instruments based on PC
·         Energy analyzers
·         Data loggers
·         Thermal imagers
   Soldering equipment. Industrial furniture
·         Soldering fluxes
·         Soldering station
·         Solder
·         Soldering accessories
·         Antistatic accessories
·         Optic magnifying lamps
·         Screwdrivers
·         Electro instrument
·         Tool sets
·         Textolite and chemistry for plated circuis
·         Glues
·         Heat-conducting paste
·         Industrial furniture
·         Antistatic work places
·         Antistatic stands, cupboards, desks

 Step motors
 Brushless motors
 Control drivers for step motors
 Electronic components and modules
     The optimal and long-term form of co-operation is contract, in specification of each indicated regular (monthly, quarterly, etc.) customer needs of components and measure equipment. For such partnerships customer receive the wholesale discounts   for the period of the contract.
     We provide warranty package for our customers. All delivered products coming directly from manufacturers or from official trade representatives. The delivers are accomplished from our stock or by orders.